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Expert laments scarcity of specialised medical facilities

A Radiation Oncologist with Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd, Dr Lohith Reddy, has said the lack of specialised medical facilities and inequality in accessing health care services are some of the reasons many Nigerians seek medical treatment abroad.

The Oncologist explained that these factors, alongside late detection of tumour cells in cancer patients, caused the high mortality rate of cancer in Nigeria.

Reddy said, “The main reasons for the growing popularity of medical tourism in India include the long waiting lists in the developed countries and the low cost of medical treatments in India as compared to other developed countries.

“The attraction of Nigerians to Indian hospitals is to seek quality and cost-effective health care services. India is a major player in global medical tourism and has become the destination of choice for afflicted Nigerians who can afford to, or are compelled by the fate of ill-health, to seek medical attention in that country.”

He added that cancer was not a death sentence when detected early.

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A research conducted in 2017 by the Asian Journal of Medicine and Health revealed that about 9,000 Nigerians embark on medical tourism to other countries annually with India as the major destination.

Additionally, it is estimated that 700 Nigerian doctors move to Europe annually..

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