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Rare coin: Some Royal Mint 20p coin could be sold for £100

As many as 250,000 rare 20p coins were put in circulation more than a decade ago. One of them was sold this week for almost £100.

A 20p coin was sold for £90 on eBay on Tuesday, January 4.

The coin, released in 2008, became the first coin in more than 300 years without a date stamped on it.

As many as 250,000 coins like this were created during the same year and put into circulation.

On Tuesday, a lucky seller received £90 for the coin, which it described as “an undated 20p coin”.

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This is not the first time low-value coins have sold for much more than their worth on eBay.

In August 2021, a similar 20p coin was sold for £56.

A Royal Mint spokesperson told the Mirror at the time: “The Royal Mint can confirm a small number of new design 20p coins were incorrectly struck using the obverse from the previous design, as a result these coins bear no date.

“The issue was quickly resolved.

The Royal Mint has said there are currently 71 different 50p coins in circulation, with most of them worth their original value – 50p.

However, in some circumstances, 50p coins could be worth up to 22,000 times more than their face value.

One lucky Briton recently made £11,000 by selling an unusual looking 50p coin to a collector on eBay.

This coin was made to commemorate the passing of a human rights law, 1918 Representation of the People Act 2018.

It went to the highest bidder for £10,999 and was sold by user @pastyman5 on eBay, despite the fact that it wasn’t shiny and new – or even the rarest coin in the box.


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