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Can dogs eat chocolate, avocado or garlic? 9 foods you should never give your pet

When it comes to getting their noses in places they aren’t meant to be, dogs are the experts. However, certain everyday items in your kitchen can make your pup very unwell, and in the most tragic cases could even prove fatal. Do you know these nine toxic items to keep out of reach of your mutt?

Many dogs will enjoy acting as your own personal vacuum cleaner, following you around the kitchen or dining table in the hope of picking up tasty morsels.

But dogs can be incredibly sensitive to some foods you probably cook with everyday, so you must be extra vigilant about what you feed to your pup, as well as anything they might find if it’s dropped on the floor.

If your dog eats any quantity of these foods, make sure to phone the vet for advice and be prepared to rush your dog to their clinic.

Even in small quantities, these toxic foods can cause severe health problems.

Here are nine foods that can be toxic to dogs, according to Battersea Dog’s & Cat’s Home. 

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1 – Onion, Garlic and Chives

Onions, chives and garlic are all members of the onion family, and they are all toxic to dogs.

If your dog eats any of these vegetables, they can suffer from red blood cell damage or gastrointestinal irritation.

2 – Chocolate

This is fairly well-known but it always bears repeating: never ever let your dog eat chocolate.

Chocolate can cause kidney failure in dogs, and dark chocolate is especially dangerous for your pup.

8 – Cooked bones

The famous saying goes “like a dog with a bone”, but make sure the bone you give your pup is uncooked.

Raw bones can be happily chewed on for hours, however cooked ones easily splinter between your dog’s jaws.

Those bone fragments can then cause constipation, or in the worst cases, a perforated gut, which could be fatal.

9 – Grapes and raisins

Raisins and grapes both contain a toxin which can cause liver damage and kidney failure for dogs.

Both raisins and grapes are popular snacks for small children, so make sure to explain to your little ones not to feed their snacks to the family dog.


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