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‘Not as good as they used to be!’ Aldi shoppers left divided with ‘award-winning’ nappies

Alanna Erskine took to Aldi UK Shoppers Facebook group and asked: “Is anyone else finding that the nappies aren’t as absorbent as they used to be?

“I’ve used Aldi nappies for 2.5 yrs now & had no issues, three times in the last 24hrs my wee one has leaked through.”

The post gained a lot of comments from other parents who shared their experiences.

Kiri Duffy said: “Yes same here, never had any problems for a year with my little one then all of a sudden they leak constantly, I’ve sized up and that seems to help a bit but still not as good as they used to be.”

Deborah Harshorne wrote: “We’ve swapped to Tesco home brand pull ups, they last all night.

“I’m disappointed in the change I’ve used Aldi nappies for 26 years for my own, childminding kids & grandkids.”

Jade Johnston said: “Yep I’ve always used aldis but the last week my daughter is waking up soaked so went to tescos today hopefully there better.”

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