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Baby names: 20 baby names set to make a comeback including some royals

Baby names can surge in popularity as a result of world events. For example, in 1926, when Queen Elizabeth II was born, the name Elizabeth rocketed in popularity with a 16 percent increase. Findmypast revealed which names are due for a revival, including royal ones.

Baby names reportedly become popular in 100 year cycles. This means that well-loved names in 1922 may soon be making a comeback.

Five royal names are predicted to be on the rise.

These are Mary, Margaret, Albert, Edward and Archie.

For some names, the resurgence of popularity has already begun, with several making the comeback list as well as a popular name in 2021.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s two children, Archie and Lilibet, have clearly been popular among new parents.

Speaking about the findings, Mary McKee, Head of Content Publishing Operations at Findmypast, stated: “History always has a tendency to repeat itself and baby names are no exception.

“All roads point to Joan as parents are increasingly looking to name their baby girls after strong female historical figures, and who better to take inspiration from than Joan of Arc.”

As for boys, Mary observed that names tend to come back but as their nickname equivalent, with Frederick becoming Freddie, or Archibald becoming Archie.

She concluded with a prediction that we may be seeing more little baby Ronnie’s around with Ronald seeing a popularity revival.

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