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Princess Anne channelled Princess Diana with altered brooch at Royal Ascot

Princess Anne is a huge fan of horse racing and therefore never misses the opportunity to go to the races. Last Friday, she arrived at the Ascot racecourse in a carriage shared with her daughter, Zara Tindall, looking ravishing in an orange dress and jewellery which held significant meanings.

On Friday, Anne stepped out in a pair of earrings she has had in her collection since the 1960s.

However, they looked slightly different last week as Anne had altered them to her liking, making them more appropriate for the outfit and the event.

The earrings are by English-Italian jewellery designer Andrew Grima, and have been seen on Princess Anne since the 1960s.

They feature an abstract-style stud with a pearl surrounded by gold plating, and a drop pendant hanging from the stud.

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But for the Royal Ascot last week, Anne had taken off the drop pendants and worn the earrings as studs on their own.

However, it was Anne’s necklace that stood out the most out of all her jewellery.

This was a choker featuring three strings of pearls, clasped in the middle with a gold and silver brooch, which featured a pearl at its centre.

The Princess had altered this piece as the brooch is usually worn on its own.


It is a relatively new brooch, which Anne wore for the first time earlier this year in April, while visiting the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

For the Royal Ascot, the Princess had decided to alter the brooch and make it into a completely new jewellery piece: a necklace.

But she isn’t the first royal to have altered pieces of jewellery.

Princess Diana also altered a brooch, transforming it into a necklace, back in the 1980s.

After Diana was gifted the brooch, the late Princess transformed it into a necklace and wore it multiple times to various events.

The Princess attached it permanently to a silver chain encrusted with tiny diamonds, donning it sometimes with the emerald tear drop pendant, and sometimes without.

In 1986, Diana donned the necklace, complete with the emerald stone, to the opera at the Vienna Burgh Theatre during a tour of Austria.

A year later, she opted to wear it without the emerald addition to a state banquet held by the King of Morocco at Claridge’s Hotel in London.

Following Diana’s divorce from Prince Charles, the necklace was returned to the Queen and later given to Camilla.

Interestingly, Camilla has been seen wearing the jewel as a brooch in recent years.

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