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Princess Beatrice’s six-figure engagement ring has sweet link to two royals

The main diamond in Meghan’s ring was sourced from Botswana because that’s where Harry and Meghan visited during their early relationship, and the two smaller diamonds come from the jewellery collection of Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana.

Mr Stone added: “Not only does Beatrice’s ring have a special connection to Meghan, as both of their engagement rings feature diamonds ethically sourced from Botswana, but it also bears resemblance to the Queen’s as they both sport a beautiful Art Deco design.”

Another similarity between these three royal engagement rings is that Edoardo, Philip and Harry all had a role to play in designing the respective rings they would give their brides-to-be.

While her sparkler is undoubtedly priceless in Beatrice’s eyes, the stunning ring is estimated to be worth a staggering six-figure sum.

Mr Stone said: “I would estimate the value of this ring to be around £130,000 to £140,000.

“Thanks to its royal legacy, this will no doubt increase in years to come.”

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